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Capitol Theatre
Rome, NY
(315) 337-6277
Capitolfest is held at the historic 1,741-seat movie palace, the Capitol Theatre, in Rome, New York. The Capitol was built as a movie house and opened December 10, 1928 with an all-movie program including the First National feature, Lilac Time. The Capitol Theatre remains the only building in Rome, N.Y. (population c.35,000) constructed for the specific purpose of exhibiting motion pictures. Although the theatre received an Art Deco face-lift in 1939, the auditorium is configured exactly as it was in 1928, and much of the original décor remains. Also still in place is the theatre's 3-manual, 7-rank Moller theatre organ. Restoration work on the organ was started in 2002, and since then it has been used on a regular basis to accompany silent movies.


Capitolfest 4: Aug. 12-13 2006

Capitolfest 5: Aug. 10-12 2007

Capitolfest 6: Aug. 8-10 2008

Capitolfest 7: Aug. 7-9. 2009

Some topics:

THE MIRACLE MAN (Paramount, 1932) Sylvia Sidney, Chester Morris, Robert Coogan,, Boris Karloff; D: Norman McLeod

THE BARKER (FN, 1928) Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill, Betty Compson; D: G. Fitzmaurice (part-talkie)

VIENNESE NIGHTS (WB, 1930) Vivienne Segel, Alexander Gray, Jean Hersholt, Walter Pidgeon, Bela Lugosi; D: Alan Crosland (UCLA Technicolor restoration)

MOVIETONE FOLLIES OF 1930 (Fox, 1930) El Brendel, Alice White, Frank Richardson; D: Benjamin Stoloff

Plus one of the (2) silent features that will be shown at the Rome Elks Club in 16mm on Friday night:

LET'S GET MARRIED (Paramount, 1926) Richard Dix, Lois Wilson, Nat Pendleton, Edna May Oliver; D: Gregory La Cava

Accompaniests for the silent films will be Avery Tunningley, Philip C. Carli, Bernie Anderson and The Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra.


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