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The next festival will take place form 3rd-6th April 2008

Extract from the Festival Homepage :

The British Silent Cinema Festival is an annual event, jointly organised between Broadway Cinema in Nottingham and the British Film Institute (bfi). The purpose of the event is to promote interest in British cinema before 1930 of which the bfi 's National Film and Television Archive holds an unrivalled collection but which is still relatively little known.
Somewhere between a festival, with public screenings and special events, and a conference which solicits and features illustrated presentations from academics, students and enthusiasts, the British Silent Cinema Festival offers an opportunity for all interested parties to view the films, to present new research and learn from other participants.
The primary purpose of the Festival is to get films off the shelves of the archives and onto the screen in order to represent them to modern audiences and to debunk some myths and assumptions about early British Cinema. It is to this end that we choose a broad theme each year to inspire contributors to focus on a particular question about British Silent Cinema. But its scope remains broad with sessions to appeal to anyone with an interest in social history, travel and transport, literature, theatre and popular entertainment in the first three decades of the Twentieth Century.


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